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Week Overview:

One first project after returning to college was called ‘More Soon’ and our task was to create a music video inspired by More Soon‘s video for Obsess, by Kap Bambino. The video was made entirely from stock footage, and took advantage of the over zealous performance of stock footage actors. After shooting individual clips, each representing an emotion from ‘The Wheel of Emotion’ – a simple alternative to stock footage – we each edited a video using all the footage. Here’s my video:

On Thursday afternoon we were introduce to our fist full length project: ‘Design to Sell’. This project requires us to, as a group or individually, create a short film of any genre to be sold via Vimeo on Demand. Along with the final video we are required to produce all the relevant marketing materials – e.g. posters, a trailer, a synopsis.

This first session on this project was on video on demand. In this session we discussed the role on demand video plays in the lives of its consumers, as well as talking about demographics and marketing techniques – read my blog post on video on demand for more on this topic.

Design to Sell:

So, after thinking about the practicalities of producing a short film in two weeks, I’ve decided I’d like to work on recording some (or at least one) live music performances. This idea came to me as I was playing piano in the church last night, I’ve always wanted to capture that feeling of atmosphere non-studio recordings give. So, my next plan is to find a group of willing musicians – which I’m sure shouldn’t be a problem, since I’ll be offering them free recording and publicity. I also need to make sure I can source adequate recording equipment for the session, and find a place to record. Once I have musicians and equipment sorted, I plan to create a trailer by recording short interview clips with the artists before we do the session.

Videos that have inspired this project:

To do list for next week:
  • Find musicians
  • Source equipment and locations
  • Talk with the musicians about what they’ll play
  • Get photographs for a poster
  • Decide on shooting dates

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