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I have managed to contact and arrange a recording date with one musician – Jason, a work friend – and I am in the process of organising further sessions, with other musicians.

I have pencilled in a recording date, the 28th of September, to work with Jason. This shoot will take place on Downderry beach.

I have also enlisted the help of Rose Lovegrove, to operate boom – or equivalent task. Hopefully she will be able to gain something from the experience of working on a more complex audio-visual project, and learn some important lessons about working under pressure – as the shoot will be recorded live and I will not be rerecording after Jason gives his first performance.

I have also done research into live audio recording:

Which has lead me to decide on this shooting setup:

One Sony C74 – for ambient sound

A pair of Rode M5s – for the guitar

One Rode NT1-a – for vocals

Two Zoom H4Ns – recording in stereo to isolate each track

XF100 – for video

Poster Design:

I have completed a draft for my poster design, which I will be using as a template to hand paint a poster to be photographed and scanned. The poster is made up of three main elements: the sun (orange), the sea (blue) and the sand (yellow). The poster also features a few notes, vaguely representing part of the intro to ‘Oh You Pretty Things’ by David Bowie.


To do list for next week:
  • Record first session
  • Finish poster
  • Record interview with Jason

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