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The search for Music:

At the beginning of this week I expected to be shooting with Jason Lee Lockett this Wednesday (the 28th). Unfortunately, Jason has been completely unreachable for the last five days – no one knows why – and hasn’t showed up to work, not even to pick up his guitar. Well, this presented me with an issue: how on earth was I going to be able to record with him? Luckily, I had a week and happened to be in a few musical circles.

So, this is my story of how I found three new musicians in two days.

Matt Partridge was found with the help of Facebook. A quick scroll through my friends and I found Steve – a media student in Truro – he’d recently updated his cover photo to him and a group of musicians. Hence, I decided to send him a message and ask who those people were, and he sent me Matt’s way. Matt is a busker from Truro – his spot is the subway between the town and the Tesco by the river; Matt has also just released his first EP on Bandcamp. Colour Blind was written, produced and performed by Matt himself, since its release he’s found a group of people willing to be in his band (Majaro), allowing him to play tracks form his EP live. I’ll be shooting with Matt next week, hopefully in his spot in Truro.

Jake was found through a friend too, after enlisting some help with the project, this friend suggested I call her friend to talk about recording him. He’s a busker from Plymouth, and has invited me to join a meet on Sunday night to discuss busk legislation in Plymouth.

Ria. While I was on the phone to Jake, I heard Ria singing outside Tesco Extra, in Plymouth town centre. Ria busks on the streets of Plymouth with nothing but her voice – drumming on her legs with her hands to create a backing track. I just went over and asked for her number, and I ended up with contact details for both her and her boyfriend. After leaving her I suddenly had an idea: why don’t I contact a drummer I know (Sid), and get him to back her for her session. So I called Sid and got him in on the idea, but I’m yet to ask Ria’s opinion on working with him. Either way, I should be recording with Ria, in her busking location, on Tuesday of Wednesday next week.

Preproduction Documents:

Google Drive folder containing all pre-production document (only viewable from PCA email account, or by request)

Inspirational media I’ve experienced this week:

An online mixer that allows you to edit ambient loops to create your own soundscapes.

World Soundscape Project – Specifically Vancouver Harbour Ambience.

Matt Price live BBC session – progressive/ambient pop (or something like that).

Soundmap of London waterways.


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