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A new summary of my project:

This project has come a long way from the original idea of recording people play music in their personal space – the place they regularly perform, practice, or play. Through meeting new people and bouncing ideas around I’ve gone from wanting to create a series of videos, exploring different audiovisual environments through the musicians that use them, to wanting to create a multimedia campaign demonstrating the positive impact buskers have on their environment.

On Sunday the second of October I attended a busking legislation meeting/discussion at The Woodside pub in Plymouth, at which I met several people interested in using my project to aid the buskers of Plymouth in their quest to stop the council impeding busking in Plymouth city centre. We talked about the possibility of creating an interactive website soundmapping the streets of Plymouth, with and without buskers; to achieve this I would record the buskers of Plymouth over several weeks, then work with a graphic designer to create an image we could embed Soundcloud links into.

What I’ve done this week:

So far I have created what amounts to a promotional video, demonstrating the energy and exuberance a live street performance can have when captured on video. I have also created a video that showcases Matt Partridge’s musical talents.

Along with completing this video I have two other videos starring Matt Partridge  almost finished, an evening of recordings with Max Revell and Ella Clarke, and three recordings of Phil – another busker from Plymouth. My recording session with Ria Moore didn’t pan out, as she was moving into her new house on the day of shooting and hadn’t been able to contact me to rearrange it.

After recording all the people I was able to meet with, I was faced with the task of editing and mastering the audio from each shoot. Unfortunately, when recording with Matt, I set the gain on the Canon XF100 too high and ended up with clipped recordings from the Rode M5s, so I spent a lot of my time trying to fix that audio.

I also went for an open day at Kent university and spent the weekend staying with my friend Billy (a student at The University of Kent) and looking around and photographing canterbury city with Jamie (a fellow creative, a friend, and a prospective student at Kent).


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