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11/11/16 – Man Bites Dogs. Our project was to take inspiration from one of ten films, and make a film in two afternoons at college – so, about eight hours. I looked a clip from Man Bites Dog, and animated some DVDs in roughly the waveform of the lead’s voice. Check that out here.


12/11/16 – In Spirit of Brotherhood. This is a still from my first short film, the first to start production that is. Rowan (my lifelong friend, and co-director) and I had an opportunity to work together on this film after over a year without one – and a total of three years since production began. Though there were parts of the film that weren’t shot, Rowan and I have created a short film that tells the original story through slightly different means. We have now managed to complete the film over two weeks of post-production.


13/11/16 – We Don’t Need Snow. This is a still from a music video I’m shooting for Simon Elvin’s council staff choir, ‘The Sound Council’. This shot was taken at Torr Retirement Home on our first shoot. The young girl was quite a spontaneous addition to the film: she was the daughter of an old friend Simon bumped into at Torr, she happened to be interested in acting and wanted to be in the film.


17/11/16 – Typewriter. Tasked to shoot extreme close-ups in the style of either David Fincher or Quentin Tarantino – again with a two afternoon turnaround – I decided I’d make an extremely shot video comparing the two styles of close up. I shot all the footage at my desk, at about ten at night, with a couple of desk lamps and a typewriter. To see the video click about here.


19/11/16 – Robin Maddock’s Camera. This Saturday Robin Maddock, an amazing photographer I met at Port Elliot Festival, travelled down to Cornwall to take my portrait for his book on ‘Small Towns of England‘. We talked about art, history, and he taught me a lot about being in front of the camera – and, inadvertently, about working with inexperienced models. We walked around my village in the grim Cornish weather, and ended up – quite quickly – seeking refuge in the local church, where he photographed me jamming at the piano.


20/11/16 – We don’t Need Snow, with Presents. This was the second shoot for Simon’s music video. We had to coordinate filming with about thirty kids and ten adults.We had from nine until eleven with the kids, and managed to shoot about a minute of footage (one verse, the outro, and a chorus) in two hours, with choreography performed by kids under fifteen, so I’m quite happy with how we did.


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