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This week has all been about the future. Christmas holidays have given us a couple of weeks since sending off UCAS applications, and a little headspace to consider our options – both for university and the bigger picture. These are my thoughts on the choices I’ve made so far, and a few thoughts on where I plan to go from here.

Practice Interview:

My practice interview was with Kaya. He went first interviewing me. He asked why I was interested in his university: I told him they had a great track record and I was interested in being about to work with analogue film. He asked about the last film I watched: I said I watched Michael Radford’s1984‘ adaptation, I said I liked the way the colours were processed, and that it captured the mood of the novel incredibly well. He asked waht a I wanted to get from the course: I said I’d like to live in a place I’d have space to work, and not be reliant on Cornish public transport, and have someone to criticise my work; I wanted to have an environment in which I could work, not have to be supporting myself financially, and having someone make sure I am creating work. He asked my intention when I made my showreel: I said I wanted to be honest and show the kind of films I make, and I just wanted someone to watch something I made, I also wanted to show I could do a bit of everything, so I could then talk about university being a chance to specialise a little more, and figure out what I wanted to do within film.

He then gave me some feedback. HE liked the music and editing of the showreel, he liked the slow pacing and he thought it was a great representation of the kind of films I make. He said I aught to end the showreel more abruptly, and there was a change in imagery that felt as though it  would be a fitting end. He said I seemed bright, and enthusiastic – probably because we ended up watching about five new film trailers and talking about film for half an hour before we got to this feedback. He said he’d offer me a place because I had a passion for film, and I knew the l kinds of films I enjoyed, and that I thought about them critically – and regularly.


I’ve applied to five universities: Bournemouth Arts University, Plymouth College of Art, University of Kent, University of Edinburgh, and Met Film School London (roughly in order of preference).

So far I’ve been invited to interviews at BAU and PCA; Kent have asked for some additional information and are still considering my application, as I’ve applied for a joint honers, the second subject on in which I have no qualifications; Met Film School both requires me to complete their own application form, which is not formatted well to be completed online, and asks invasive questions and questions on payment methods (which for an application form, before being offered an interview I just found unreasonable); Edinburgh would like me to complete an online portfolio, which I am in the process of doing.

I have chosen BAU and PCA for two very different reasons, however they are almost equal in my eyes, here are the pros and cons as I see them:

PCA is a familiar space, the lecturers seem engaging, students seem satisfied, and access to equipment is easy. They also have darkroom facilities, which are open to all students. The city is located in an area with plenty of different points of interest – from a photography/filmmaking perspective – including Dartmoor and plenty of seascapes. I also would be close to both my parents, so I doubt I’ll go hungry too often.

BAU would be an exciting change of scenery, the city seems to have a lively film and TV scene, and the university has a good reputation. They also have links into the media, so I’ll likely end up with more industry contacts, and you’re given the option to complete the degree in a specialist area (including cinematography, sound, and directing).

I’m not sure between those two.

Post Graduation:

I would like to spend time working on documentary films. Working alone, or with a small group, I’d like to travel with performing artists – musicians, dancers, circus performers  – to create an accurate portrayal of what it’s like to be a performer. I would also like to record sound freelance for a while, to get experience on set, and to find new contacts. I’d like to write while I travel and shoot, keep a blog or a journal. I’d like to write poetry and music; I’d like to bring together my filmmaking and all the other mediums I’ve always loved. I’d love to do a photobook, or shoot for a magazine. I want to direct a feature film – that’s where I want to end up.

Realistically, I’d want to work freelance as a sound recordist as soon as I could – earn enough to stay alive and creating. Then I’d save until I can afford to spend a year shooting a documentary, then I really have no idea where I’d go from there.

Thanks for reading my musings.


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