Seven – Making a Start (FMP)

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This is the first blog post I’m writing since starting my Final Major Project (FMP). In this post I’ll be talking about my initial ideas and research.

For my FMP I am planning to create a sonic art piece, focus on what I like to call ‘Sublime Horror’, or a certain kind of supernatural fear that I believe is most brilliantly employed in The Willows – by Algernon Blackwood. The piece is going to be narratively similar to The Willows, though I would not like to take on the responsibility of calling it an adaptation. I’m not entirely sure what form this will take, but I would like to create something episodic and reflective of the key themes I’ve identified in The Willows – and other similar stories.

I’ve been researching the creation of electroacoustic music, which is absolutely fascinating. It’s like learning about the ground-works of cinematography all over again. The only issue is, I’ve had serious difficulty knowing where to start and so I’ve spent a lot of my time studying particular techniques I’m not really sure how to apply yet. Alongside this general enquiry into the music ‘genre’, I have been looking into creating two sounds I’d like to feature heavily in my finished piece. The first is the sounds of indistinguishable voices, which I hope to use as a motif for the willows themselves, and the sound of the river flowing, which I would like to morph in such a way I can use a simple constant tone to represent the river while other musical element take the foreground.

In addition to the technical research I have also been looking into the Sublime. I am currently working on an essay entitled ‘The Human Sublime’ an effort to express my feelings and thoughts on the role the Sublime plays in contemporary culture. I believe, quite strongly, that its traditional role is rapidly becoming less terrifying and awesome, and becoming a tool to comfort, while more human fears are placed in the spotlight. I’ll post that essay here when I’m happy with the finished piece.


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